Mark Wright won't work with wife Michelle Keegan

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  • 24 February 2016
Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Mark Wright is adamant he'll never work with his wife Michelle Keegan because he thinks it'll be "too much" and he wants to make a name for himself on his own

Mark Wright doesn't want to work with Michelle Keegan.

The former 'TOWIE' star is determined to carve out a successful presenting career on his own and believes teaming up with his wife for a TV gig would be "too much."

He explained: "We're both aware we're not at the peak of our career. We're on the rise. While we're trying to make it to where we want to be, we want to do it on our own.

"I want to get credit for doing a prime-time high-rating TV show without it being because I'm with Michelle. My career's so important to me. If we work together it's too much."

And the 29-year-old hunk is so committed to work that he doesn't plan on dashing out to South Africa at the drop of a hat when Michelle, whom he married last year, jets out to shoot scenes for series two of the military drama 'Our Girl'.

He said: "It's not a big deal. It's life. Everyone's saying we're going to be heartbroken.

"Of course we are going to miss each other, but it's fine. I will go out there as much as I can, maybe once or twice. But I've obviously got my commitments."

Meanwhile, the couple may have only been married nine months but Mark believes Michelle, 28, whom he started dating in 2012, has managed to shake his party-loving ways.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "I used to be such a going-out person, but I've noticed a transition in the last four years, going from a boy to a man.

"I've really noticed my changes and my outlook on life. When I was young, I was a lad, I'd get drunk three times a week. Now I take life a little bit more seriously."

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