Natalie Dormer on acting in this 'dark' world

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  • 24 February 2016
Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

British star Natalie Dormer says being an actor helps her to deal with how 'dark' the world can be

Natalie Dormer says being an actor helps her deal with how dark the world can be.

The 34-year-old actress can currently be seen in psychological thriller 'The Forest' and says she is often drawn to darker projects because they allow her to "vent what is going on in society."

The star explained: "Fictional stories are metaphors - it's how we cathartically vent what's going on in society or within our own souls. And that's what I'm doing as an actor, I'm just trying to find stories that help me deal with how dark and unjust and sometimes terrifying the world can be.

"But also the joys and the beauty and the happiness the world can give you as well. Like sibling love - that you see in 'The Forest'. So it's just an exploration of the human condition really. It's what draws me to a project."

Natalie plays the role of a set of twins, Sarah and Jess Price.

And to help her juggle portraying both sisters well, she would discuss their different personalities with the crew and make sure she dedicated enough rehearsal time to each sibling.

She told HeyUGuys: "I had a lot of conversations with hair and make-up trying to find a different look and feel to both of them.

"Because I spent more time with one I was just trying to make sure the other one felt three dimensional."

The star also identified with the familial urge to protect your sister, as she has a younger sibling named Samantha.

She added: "When you play a role as an actor there is always something in the character you identify with. I identify with different elements of both of them. I'm an older sister so that whole thing of 'I must look after my younger siblings'.

"I do love a good psychological horror. I like stuff that really gets inside your head."

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