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Nu rave? What a joke, it’s just a pity the East London scenesters don’t seem to get it. Here to show them the error of their ways and release some genuinely innovative new music in the process are Little Rock Records’ Niall and Boag. Their NORAVE compilation is all about diverse dance music you wouldn’t hear in your average club . . . oh, and to poke fun at a few pretentious types along the way. Splendid.

So, Niall the Niallist, what did nu rave ever do to you?
The whole thing came about because we were listening to a lot of music that was quite experimental and joking about the acts that were supposedly the hip new things but that were really conservative. So we thought, why not create something like an inverse of what is happening in London and that is musically exciting?

And the main offenders would be?
Well it’s not as much the bands and more about the packaging. One of the main things about NORAVE is the Northern/Scottish sense of humour and how it is in contrast to the rather straight-laced, face-value blind acceptance of nu rave, and the media in general. Also the fact that 12 of the 18 tunes are by acts based in Glasgow itself is a big up for the city and a two fingered salute to boring old London.

Fighting talk indeed. So what are your plans for the launch party?
Well, Hudson Mohawke is quite breakbeat-y, Gay Against You is really up tempo hardcore, we will be playing drone house and Jonnie Wilkes is doing a very special set. We will also have some interactive visuals and art and it will be nice for the people involved in the compilation to finally meet. Hopefully some interesting collaborations might even come out of it.

Stereo, Glasgow, Tue 29 Apr.

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