Tom Nicoll – There’s a Dragon in My Dinner! (4 stars)

Tom Nicoll – There’s a Dragon in My Dinner!

Imaginative book for ages 6 and over from the East Lothian-based writer

It’s not unheard of for the wrong items to end up in your takeaway, although it’s usually some sort of food, not a new friend. But when 8-year-old Eric Crisp opens a carton of beansprouts from his local Chinese restaurant one Friday night, life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

For there, nestled amongst his dinner, is a dragon – or a mini-dragon to be more precise. On his way from China to visit relatives in Mexico, Pan has ended up in the wrong country – but has most definitely fallen into the right hands. Young Eric knows exactly what to do, and who not to tell, to keep Pan safe – and so their friendship begins.

East Lothian-based writer, Tom Nicoll was inspired by favourite books from his own childhood, so taps perfectly into that youthful longing for something new and adventurous to happen. There is also no shortage of pumps (Pan has a flatulence issue) and the dragon’s unique ability to light them leads to both hilarity and calamity.

Aimed at ages six and over, There’s A Dragon in my Dinner! has a simple charm that captures the imagination of all readers, big or small. It’s also relatively short, which will no doubt lead to repeat reads at bedtime – and to readers eagerly anticipating the next two instalments due out later this year: There’s a Dragon in My Backpack! and There’s a Dragon in my Toilet!

Out now, Stripes Publishing

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