The Xcerts

The Xcerts

Barfly, Glasgow, Tue 6 May


Indie rock is the musical opiate of the masses. Recapture that first hit ecstasy with The Xcerts, a fresh-faced three-piece from Aberdeen and Exeter. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly liked their fully-formed, captivatingly performed, smoothly produced indie rock servings enough to release their single on his label.

Singer/guitarist/frontman Murray MacLeod steps away from his cohorts Jordan Smith and Tom Heron to tell us what sets them apart: ‘We’re heavier than indie but lighter than heavy metal. I think we’re quite fortunate in that people connect to the band quite easily. They’re quite excited to see a young band jumping about on stage and we’re a bit heavier than what’s around.’

Quite. Nary a review (generally glowing) goes by without Biffy Clyro and Idlewild being name-dropped, but where do the band’s allegiances lie? ‘I love Idlewild,’ says MacLeod. ‘They’re my favourite band. I think collectively they’re the band’s favourite band.’ Although he does admit that they ‘did rip off Biffy Clyro a bit.’

Leaving aside the (somewhat valid) comparisons, this is a band who combine aspects of current popular sounds yet eschew flash-in-the-pan fad-following and end up sounding exactly like themselves. Their third single, ‘Do You Feel Safe?’/‘Listen. Don’t Panic’, has just hit the e-shelves and next they’re retreating to Wales to write for the album with Dave Eringa (who produced Idlewild and Manic Street Preachers, no less).

Catch them touring throughout May or, as MacLeod says, ‘We’ve got offered a lot more festivals than we thought we would this year, so …’ Go on. It’ll tide you through until their debut album.

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