Grimes brings electro-pop euphoria to the stage

Grimes brings electro-pop euphoria to the stage

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Claire Boucher's dark star is shining bright on her UK tour

Kamikaze art-pop auteur Grimes, aka Vancouver's Claire Boucher, released her debut cassette-only album, Geidi Primes, in 2010. The jury's out on whether said title inspired a portmanteau for Boucher's alter-ego, or whether her moniker harks from elsewhere – she's variously claimed it's a nod to UFO-fixated outsider artist Ken Grimes, and the musical genre of the same name – but what's certain is that her calling card was inspired by Frank Herbert's sci-fi epic Dune, which hosted a ravaged planet called Giedi Prime.

Since then, Boucher's (dark) star has ascended, via Polaris nominations, Juno Awards, gigs with Lykke Li and collaborations with Blood Diamonds and Majical Cloudz – not to mention a deal with indie / dream-pop powerhouse 4AD, and a management contract with Jay Z's Roc Nation.

Her latest (fourth) album, Art Angels, was released to widespread acclaim last year, and furthered Boucher's knack for upturning expectations, overthrowing musical paradigms, and creating a dystopian realm of jarring electro-pop euphoria that thrives on neon-horror showdowns ('SCREAM', Flesh Without Blood', 'Kill V Maim') and rapturous airborne dread ('Venus Fly', 'Butterfly'). 'I'll never be your dream girl', she sings on the latter. Her amyl nightmares are the stuff of wonder.

Grimes is touring the UK this March.


Montreal-based alt electro pop performer aka Claire Boucher.

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