Laura Whitmore's live TV fear

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  • 23 February 2016
Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore adores the "buzz" of live television but still gets "scared" by it

Laura Whitmore still gets "scared" doing live TV.

The 30-year-old presenter gets a "buzz" from being on camera in the moment, but admits she worries about losing her job if something didn't go to plan.

She said "I love anything that's live because of the buzz. Although I still get scared.

"I can hear the countdown in my ear - 'Now it's over to Laura, five, four three...' - and I think, 'What if I said nothing?'

"I wouldn't have a job afterwards but it's like, 'Oooh so much power.' "

Laura feels at ease interviewing other celebrities and tried not to be "intrusive" in her segments.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I'm never too intrusive in the sort of interviews I do and I love having chats, which is an Irish thing.

"I could chat, chat, chat all day about nothing."

And the blonde beauty - who was rumoured to have caught Leonardo DiCaprio's eye at the BAFTA Awards earlier this month - feels uncomfortable when her guests give too much away because she's so private about her own personal life.

She said: "I always try and keep my work and personal life separate.

"Whenever I interview people and they tell me too much, I always want to say, 'Don't tell me all this stuff', bcause I've seen what can be done with it."

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