Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 3 May


Pendulum, the drum & bass production trio from Perth, Australia shifted more than 200,000 copies of their debut album Hold your Colour. Like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem and a few others that had gone before them, their new style of D&B enjoyed huge crossover appeal, plucking the group from the underground and dropping them into the mainstream arena.

Older-shaking basslines, buzzing psycho synths and the sheer energy of the trademark Pendulum sound struck a chord with indie kids and rock fans who could be found going mental down the front of dancefloors across the country when ‘Slam’, ‘Another Planet’ or ‘Tarantula’ got dropped by the DJ. With the forthcoming release of their second album In Silico the group have made a significant shift in musical direction, moving away from their D&B roots with a new sound geared towards their newfound rock fanbase.

Pendulum now operates as a fully functional live band with guitars, drums and vocals combined on stage with a computer linkup recreating their studio production work. The move from production outfit to live band performance is not a new concept with both Mylo and Calvin Harris rounding up a few scruffy looking musos and hitting the road in the past few years. But for Pendulum it’s more than just a new look. Latest single ‘Propane Nightmares’ is a powerhouse track with huge rock riffs, funereal horns and spooky vocals with only traces of the old Pendulum remaining. Only time will tell as to whether such a huge musical transition can be achieved. It’s highly unlikely that the new album will win back any D&B heads but it doesn’t look like the band care too much. Call it rock, call it dance, Pendulum live are pushing future electronic music to the limit.


London via Perth (Australia) outfit who mix drum & bass with heavy rock.

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