Paul Hollywood dragged Mary Berry into McDonald's

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 February 2016
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

Mary Berry has admitted her 'Great British Bake Off' co-star forced to her join him in McDonald's even though he knows she doesn't like fast food

Paul Hollywood once dragged Mary Berry to McDonald's.

The 'Great British Bake Off' judge, 80, has admitted her handsome co-star forced her to go inside one of the fast food chain's restaurants a few years ago but she refused to eat anything because she won't allow processed grub through her lips.

She told heat magazine: "I never have takeaway. When the children were little, I had one once. With takeaways, you have to go and fetch them and I would far rather cook something in my kitchen. It doesn't take long to rustle something up ... I have visited McDonald's once - this is absolutely true! Paul Hollywood took me to one after 'Bake Off'. He drove into one and said, 'Bezz, come on!' He loves them, but I didn't have anything. I like my own burgers with Parmesan on top."

And, although she's not keen on chomping down on a meaty burger made in bulk loads, Mary is partial to an alcoholic beverage once in a while.

When asked if she ever has a few too many drinks, she said: "Oh no, I am very careful, as I am nearly always doing something interesting the next day. In my youth, I might have done but, good gracious, not now."

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