5 Things you might not know about - Nick Doody

Nick Doody
  1. Nick Doody’s debut Fringe show in 2006, Before He Kills Again, kicked off with a disturbing song about clowns. So disturbing that the imagery cannot be repeated in a family publication.
  2. He shares a house with fellow stand-up Matt Kirshen.
  3. Noam Chomsky is Doody’s favourite author.
  4. In 2001, Doody wrote Tell Me the Truth, Laughing: The Life and Works of Bill Hicks.
  5. At Hicks’ request, student Doody was asked to support the US legend on the UK tour which proved to be his final hurrah. Doody’s rages against religious fundamentalism and anti-boozers is defiantly Hicksian. The Galway List even described him as ‘the new Denis Leary’.

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 8 May.

The Thursday Show

John Moloney, Nick Doody, The Wee Man and Eilidh MacAskill are all getting the weekend started early, along with jovial host Raymond Mearns.

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