Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Thu 24 Apr


Some people out there have looked upon his stand-up and TV work and judged Jimmy Carr to be a smug, self-satisfied posh guy who would undoubtedly be prepared to eat himself were he comprised of the finest Belgian chocolate. They may be surprised to hear that Carr actually appears less than enamoured with himself: ‘I’m a fat faced quirk,’ he tells me while wondering just why American audiences have taken him to their hearts over the last couple of phenomenally successful years. ‘I’m not Eddie Izzard and I’m not Billy Connolly; I’ll never be that and that’s fine. I think I’ve proved beyond reasonable doubt that I’m a triumph of hard work over talent.’

Harsh words again, surely? Yet this man, who gained a degree in Social and Political Science and worked in marketing for Shell before taking on a stand-up career, clearly has a stamina for work which many of his peers must envy. ‘I’m not part of a movement or a scene. I’m happy to say I’m merely trying to entertain people. The thing that the old school had in common with the alternative scene was that they both had a strong political agenda. Bernard Manning believed that everyone thought like him and it was a mission statement. That’s a point of view and it’s incorrect, erroneous and ludicrous. Alternative comedy’s point of view was that everyone needs to be respected equally. Well, my job is to make people laugh; I have political views but I’m not foisting them on anyone else.’

Jimmy Carr: Repeat Offender

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