Catherine Tyldesley doesn't want to leave Coronation Street

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  • 15 February 2016
Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley as Eva Price

Catherine Tyldesley would love to see her alter-ego Eva Price still on 'Coronation Street' when she's in her 80s

Catherine Tyldesley is planning to stay on 'Coronation Street' until she's in her mid-80s.

The 32-year-old actress joined the long-running soap in 2011 as bitchy diva Eva Price and, although she's desperate to nip off and try her hand at other things, she'd love to see her flirtatious alter-ego still pulling pints behind the Rovers Return pub, chatting up the men, and flashing her ample cleavage on the Cobbles in five decades' time.

She explained: "I adore 'Corrie' ... but there are lots of other things I want to do, and I want to be versatile, so it would be nice to go off and do other bits and pieces.

"But I would hope that no matter what happens, 'Corrie' will always be somewhere I can come home to. I'd love to see Eva at 80-odd, still behind the Rovers bar with her boobs up to here, setting the world to rights."

The blonde beauty is currently wrapped up in a gritty slavery storyline, which sees her character find a young Polish girl called Marta hiding out in the lingerie factory Underworld illegally, and she's thrilled she's finally able to get her teeth into a more hard-hitting plot.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: "It shows a different side to Eva. We've seen the comedy and this often bitchy, sarcastic side of her, but deep down she has a heart of gold, and it's nice to have some gritty storylines."

And, although she's regularly finding herself caught up in some major storylines, Catherine has admitted she feared she'd be axed from the soap a few years ago when Michelle Collins and Sue Johnston - who played her on-screen mum and gran - dramatically quit the programme.

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