Will.i.am undecided if he will return to The Voice

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 February 2016


The 40-year-old music producer has revealed he has doubts about making the switch to ITV

Will.i.am isn't sure if he will return for the next series of 'The Voice'.

The 40-year-old music producer has become a fixture of the singing contest but has admitted that with the programme set to move to ITV, he isn't certain he also wishes to make the switch, in large part due to his loyalty to producer Moira Ross.

He explained: "I love Moira and it's going to be hard if she's not there.

"My gut is telling me to see out this season first. I don't want to make my decision until then. No matter what network it is on I do like the poetry of 'The Voice'.

"While everyone else is going, 'I'm going to judge the f*** out of you, 'The Voice' is the opposite of that."

Meanwhile, Will.i.am also revealed he wanted to see the programme's voting system during the live finals undergo a revamp.

He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "What's wrong with 'The Voice' is that ­people are not allowed to vote on the internet or phone apps. It drives me crazy when I'm on Twitter seeing who is really liked."

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