Tennent's Mutual promises a more inclusive approach for Scots music fans

Tennent's Mutual

Following the announcement that this year’s Triptych festival will be the last, Tennent’s lager has revealed its latest venture, The Tennent’s Mutual.

In a move to make music fans active participants in the all-new project, interested parties will get the opportunity to decide how to invest initial funding. Founding members – that is those who sign up before 30 June – will, say organisers, make the all-important ‘who, what, why, where?’ decisions, including selecting artists and considering potential locations for gigs, by voting for their preferences online.

A Mutual collective will then pick from the list of acts nominated and put together a programme for October and November this year. As a non-profit organisation, no booking fees will be charged for Tennent’s Mutual shows with ticket income going back into a bank account to help fund future events.

The initiative follows recent research that found that 99% of those asked felt that the Scottish music scene needed ‘something different’.

Figures from across the music industry will offer their advice on a voluntary basis, including Rolling Stones svengali Andrew Loog Oldham, Babyshambles’ Drew McConnell, plus those running local labels like Stewart Henderson of Chemikal Underground and Johnny Lynch of The Fence Collective.

Organisers said that the ethos behind the Mutual initiative represented ‘a radical departure that is reflective of the current zeitgeist’, a notion echoed by many of the project’s supporters.

Henderson said: ‘Generally speaking music has gone digital and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. This is a total watershed time that we’re living in at the moment. It will change things completely, irreversibly.

‘What Tennent’s has done is effectively set themselves up as patrons. It’s a positive thing as it allows things to happen that may not have otherwise.’

Nominations for artists has started on the Mutual website and among those already in the top ten are Arcade Fire, Muse and Cat Power.

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