WHITE bring colour to the stage in 2016

WHITE bring colour to the stage in 2016

Disco-punk band from Glasgow settle in for a big year

2016 is looking alright for WHITE. The noisy, fast-paced racket makers from Glasgow came together in 2014, and after two years of playing their disco-punk tunes live in a ridiculously energetic way, the quintet has been mentioned on so many 'one to watch' lists for the coming year, it's impossible to keep your eyes off them.

But for this band, it's not about earning a place on a flattering listicle. 'It's better to be on these things than not,' says singer Leo Condie, but for him, it's all about the live gigs. 'We played in Amsterdam last year, and we were on at 2am, which was actually a great time. It was incredible; everybody was bouncing. The atmosphere was just so good, and I thought, “this is why I do this”.’

Other notable gigs include a wee set at BBC Maida Vale Studios for Jo Whiley and Radio 2, and Edinburgh's Hogmanay Street Party. 'With the Hogmanay gig, it was freezing, and I said, "for this next track, we want everybody to bounce", and they did! I didn't know I had such power!’

WHITE are wielding that power in their latest track, ‘Living Fiction’. Their punky, arthouse style is encapsulated by the single's artwork: an image of the Barbican from Martin D Barker (with added pink from Condie). 'I've done a lot of the artwork myself,' he says, as he talks about his tip-top Photoshop skills. 'My parents are artists, maybe that's where I get it, but I'm definitely not trained.'

Art aside, it's Condie and co's performative on-stage style that has helped earned WHITE a following. As they head out on tour with three singles under their belt (not to mention a well-earned place on our Hot 100 list), one thing is for sure: there's plenty more bouncing to come from these guys.

WHITE tour the UK from Wed 17 Feb.


Echoes of LCD Soundsystem and Franz Ferdinand, making a noisy and fast-paced racket (but in a good way).

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