Destinations – showcasing Scotland’s finest youth dance companies

Destinations – showcasing Scotland’s finest youth dance companies

Young dancers come together for annual YDance event

It flashes past on stage, but behind every short piece of dance lies months of creation and preparation. Not only on the work itself, but the dancers honing their craft, and bodies, ready to present it.

So when YDance holds its annual youth dance showcase, Destinations, it’s not only a chance for young people to share their hard work and skill, but for those funding youth dance to see how well their money is spent.

‘It’s a platform where young people from across Scotland can showcase their talents,’ says YDance artistic director, Anna Kenrick, ‘and demonstrate to the dance community that if you have the right infrastructure in place, and groups are supported over a long period of time, they can achieve amazing pieces of art.’

One such group is the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland, which is being supported by Kenrick herself. The company’s new work, Maelstrom, premieres at Destinations and is inspired by our increasing reliance on technology.

‘We now see more data in a day than we used to in a lifetime,’ says Kenrick, ‘and that got me thinking – how does that relate to the chaotic world we find ourselves living in? So we explore the positives of having all this technology, but also what we are losing at the same time.’

Destinations, Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 5 Mar, 7.30pm, £6 (£4).

YDance Routes: Destinations

Youth dance companies from across Scotland present a varied evening of dance featuring street, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary dance. The evening includes the premiere of National Youth Dance Company of Scotland's new piece choreographed by Anna Kenrick.