Ola Jordan's six-month physio for broken leg after The Jump accident

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 February 2016
Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan on crutches last year

Ola Jordan was forced to undergo six months of physiotherapy after she snapped her leg while training for 'The Jump' last year

Ola Jordan had physiotherapy for "five hours a day for six months" following her accident on 'The Jump' last year.

The professional dancer, 33, was out of business for nine months after she snapped her leg on the third day of training for the winter sports show and now she wishes she never signed up to compete because it's destroyed her career.

She explained: "It's an incredibly dangerous sport. My accident could have happened on holiday. I signed up to a dangerous sport. No one pushed me into it and the injury was my fault. My leg is still not 100 per cent. It's my stupidity."

Despite her potential career-ending injury, Ola made a triumphant return to the dance floor last year when she returned as a professional on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

And she believes she wouldn't have been able to slip into her ballroom shoes as quickly as she did without the "amazing" aftercare Channel 4 provided after her nasty fall.

Speaking on 'This Morning' today (11.02.16), she said: "I was operated on by the most amazing surgeon. I had physio for five hours a day for six months, with cars provided from my house in Kent. The producers knew I wanted to get back to 'Strictly' and no one ever questioned it. I shouldn't have signed up in the first place because I'm a dancer."

Meanwhile, the future of 'The Jump' hangs in the balance at the moment as four celebrities - Rebecca Adlington, Beth Tweddle, Tina Hobley and Mark-Francis Vandelli - have been forced to drop out due to injury.

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