Sir Terry Wogan laid to rest on Tuesday

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  • 11 February 2016
Sir Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan was laid to rest at a private service on Tuesday (09.02.16), it has been revealed

Sir Terry Wogan was laid to rest on Tuesday (09.02.16).

The veteran broadcaster - who tragically passed away late last month following a battle with cancer - was given a private send off by friends and family earlier this week.

It was kept this way after the family requested for a chance to say goodbye to their beloved relative in private.

Meanwhile, Terry's close friend Father Brian D'Arcy previously admitted the chance of a public funeral was unlikely as there would not be a venue big enough to hold it in.

He said: "How can you have a public funeral for Terry Wogan? Where would you put it? Wembley wouldn't be big enough for it, so there will probably be just family and friends at a private funeral. I suspect it will be probably early next week. It is in the UK. The BBC usually holds a quite public memorial service later on."

And Father Brian also revealed that Sir Terry tragically only found out he was dying three weeks ago.

He shared: "I think alarms bells began to ring about three weeks ago. He had been in some pain before that, and he had got through Christmas. And the family had a lovely Christmas because I rang them to specifically to see and everything was fine, and then things began [getting worse].

"Last Thursday, something told me: 'Brian, go and see him', and I rang [Terry's wife] Helen, and she said: 'Please do come Brian'. I did, and it was the saddest day and the most rewarding day of my life."

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