Collabro: Simon Cowell has the last say on our albums

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 February 2016


Collabro singer Tom Redgrave says Simon Cowell has "huge input" on their albums and they aren't allowed to release anything without his say

Collabro "always" have to seek approval from Simon Cowell before releasing an album.

Singer Tom Redgrave said the Syco label boss had the last word on their two LP's 'Act Two' and 'Stars' and they are fine with that because "he is Simon Cowell".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Tom, 27, said: "He [Simon] mostly has input on the album work that we do. So the tour and all the shows that we do, apart from that, are kind of ours. But when we are producing an album it always has to go to him for approval. Obviously you listen and take his ideas on board because obviously he is Simon Cowell. He has a huge say in the album process."

Meanwhile the operatic boyband - also consisting of Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert and

Matt Pagan - have decided to switch up their live set for their forthcoming UK tour by adding a few more "uptempo swing" numbers to avoid the audience leaving in tears.

Tom explained: "We do quite a lot of ballads so last tour we had a lot of people crying, which I think musical theatre is one of the only genres of music where making the audience cry is a good thing. We loved that last year, we loved getting the emotion across through the songs. We want it to be the same this year but we've also kind of added up tempo numbers with swing in there this year, just to kind of bring the mood up a bit, bring the energy up a bit, so hopefully people will enjoy that as much as the ballads."

The tour includes a date at London's Royal Albert Hall on March 26.

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