James Jordan told his wife Ola to lose weight

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  • 11 February 2016
Ola and James Jordan

Ola and James Jordan

James Jordan has admitted he told his wife Ola to lose weight because she looked like a "chunky monkey" next to her fellow professional dancers on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

James Jordan told his wife Ola Jordan to lose weight.

The 37-year-old dancer claims his spouse became a "chunky monkey" when she was injured training for Channel 4 show 'The Jump' last year and during the last series of 'Strictly Come Dancing', he said she "needed" to shed more pounds because she was bigger than the other professionals.

He said: "We've let ourselves go a little bit. You got really chunky monkey after your accident last year, didn't you?

"I don't mind when she's a bit bigger. But when she was on 'Strictly', I'd say, 'You need to lose weight because you're still involved in the show.' People might think it's out of order, but it's important. If you're standing next to other girls and they're really skinny and you're bigger, you feel like s**t."

Despite her husband's harsh comments, Ola, 33, insists they don't upset her as she would rather he is honest because then she knows his compliments are genuine.

Asked if he upsets her, she told new! magazine: "No. That's the thing about our relationship - we're not afraid to say things to each other. We're honest. I don't want him to tell me I look amazing when I don't. So when he does tell me I look amazing, that's when I know I really do look good."

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