Stephanie Davis praises Celebrity Big Brother for saving her life after attempted suicide

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  • 9 February 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has praised 'Celebrity Big Brother' for giving her a new lease of life following her attempted suicide a few years ago

Stephanie Davis believes 'Celebrity Big Brother' has saved her life.

The 22-year-old actress is confident her four-week stint in the infamous abode, which led to her meeting her new boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, has given her a new lease of life and has helped her stamp out her depressive thoughts following her attempted suicide a few years ago.

She said: "A few years ago I didn't really have much self-worth and I got taken advantage of and it all got too much and I got really depressed and I ended up taking an overdose. I took it [the overdose] at home and I lived on my own but I didn't have anyone there at the time.

"I panicked and called the ambulance but then I couldn't see and I don't remember what happened. And then the hard part was when I realised I was alright and then the doctors said, 'Well you could be in over-failure so you still might die.' I was just so angry and frustrated with myself.

"But honestly, thank you 'Celebrity Big Brother' because I'm really at peace with myself now."

The brunette beauty - who was allegedly axed from 'Hollyoaks' last year after she rocked up to set drunk - has also decided to ditch counselling because she managed to overcome her mental challenges while in the house.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' this afternoon (09.02.16), she explained: "I did have counselling up until a few months ago, I suffered with panic attacks and stuff but I haven't had any really bad for a while and I honestly, although it ['CBB'] was hard, I'm just so proud of myself."

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