Stephanie Davis dumped Sam Reece over text

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  • 9 February 2016
Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis ended her relationship with Sam Reece over text message after she left the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last week

Stephanie Davis dumped Sam Reece via text message.

The 22-year-old actress seemingly ended things with the handsome model, whom she dated for a year, when she embarked on a steamy affair with Jeremy McConnell, 25, in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last month.

But she decided to seal the deal the night after she left the infamous abode when she fired off a message to the hunk to call time on their toxic romance for good.

She explained: "I sent a text to Sam the next day. I said a lot of things. I just said, 'It's nice to see you're making money off the back of me. You won't need my money now. Good luck. I've met someone I want to be with now.' "

The brunette beauty went on to claim she knew she and Sam had problems before she entered the house because he had allegedly cheated on her on numerous occasions but she's not angry about it because it's led her to Jeremy.

Appearing on 'Loose Women' today (09.02.16), she said as tears rolled down her cheeks: "I'm not even angry. Everything happens for a reason, and it's led me to Jez."

The axed 'Hollyoaks' actress believes she bonded with Jeremy - who she calls "Jez" - straight away and couldn't help falling in love with him because of his "morals."

Asked what drew her to Jeremy, she said: When he was younger, he lost his mum, brother and sister 15 months apart and he wears a picture of them in a locket around his neck. He gave it to me to wear. We started falling for each other. Then I sang Amy Winehouse's 'Valerie' on the show and he thought that was weird. It was his mum's name. I can't believe I've found someone who actually loves me."

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