Gina Rodriguez praises director

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  • 9 February 2016
Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez has taken to Instagram to praise filmmaker Robert Rodriguez for "preparing" Latino actors for Hollywood

Gina Rodriguez has praised Robert Rodriguez for "preparing" Latino actors for Hollywood.

The 'Jane The Virgin' hitmaker has praised the filmmaker for being an "advocate" of hiring actors and actresses of Latin American origin and "giving them opportunities".

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "#MovementMondays This is Robert Rodriguez. He is a Mexican American director, film producer, screenwriter, film editor, cinematographer, musician and now runs his own network, El Rey network ...

"He is an advocate of hiring Latino artists both in front of and behind the cameras and by doing so Robert is preparing many Latinos for the Hollywood Industry. By hiring Latino directors and writers he is giving them opportunities to enter the industry as professionals with great work on their resume, prepared for success. He is hiring Latino actors for roles we seldom get the opportunity to play. (sic)"

The 31-year-old actress also praised the 47-year-old filmmaker for "inspiring" her and being an "amazing trailblazer".

She added: "Having artists in his position of power and utilizing it to advance the community is why Robert is my #movementMondays we can uplift one another and use our opportunities to hold the doors open for others.

"Let us support El Rey Network and the many shows coming out of that network so that Robert may continue to hire and put Latinos on the map! I am inspired and in awe of this amazing trailblazer! Let us lead by example, extend your blessings to others so that they too may succeed and in turn they will help others succeed. The chain effect can be great and not only do we create more positive and productive artists but ones that have the desire to open doors for others! Strength in unity. #MovementMondays (sic)"

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