Interview: Simon Evans – ‘It’s like being able to rifle through someone’s knicker drawer’

Interview: Simon Evans – ‘It’s like being able to rifle through someone’s knicker drawer’

The Brighton-based comic takes his new cash-themed show around the UK

With talk of a new global recession on the way, the colour of everyone’s money remains firmly in our collective mind-set. And it’s a subject that’s deep in Simon Evans’ thoughts as he prepares to unleash his In The Money tour upon the nation. In particular, the Hove-based stand-up is intrigued by the peculiarly British way of approaching financial matters.

‘At the core of my show is our revulsion and embarrassment at the idea of engaging with the realities of money and the importance of being financially literate and making good decisions. One of the great topics in comedy for centuries has been sex and vulgarity. Somebody said the root of all comedy is the proximity of the organs of regeneration and the organs of defecation: the few inches of the two is where the humour comes from. But for the British, it was all about the embarrassment of sex; that’s where all the Carry On films came from. We’re equally embarrassed about money, though oddly it doesn’t come up so much. Perhaps it’s because we are so embarrassed about it that we can’t even do it in comedy.’

But for this tour, Evans isn’t holding back and will be seeking opinions from his audiences in a way that he has rarely even attempted before. ‘Some audience work can be funny, but a lot of that thing about making a couple feel awkward about whether they’re on a date or not is a bit hack. But it’s a different matter to go into the audience and say, “how much do you earn? How much is your house worth? How big is your mortgage?” Still, we British are comfortable talking about how much someone’s house sold for on our road. And we can find out so easily nowadays; it’s like being able to rifle through someone’s knicker drawer.’

Simon Evans: In The Money goes on tour from Wed 10 Feb-Thu 9 Jun

Simon Evans: In The Money

Observational stand-up from host of BBC Radio 4's Goes to Market.

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