Catherine Wheels brings children's theatre to the science festival

Catherine Wheels brings children's theatre to the science festival

Lost at Sea promises to entertain and offer insight to the world of oceanography through an awfully big adventure

They were destined for toddlers’ bathtubs in the USA, but instead 28,000 toys accidentally dropped into the Pacific Ocean during a stormy voyage. That was just the start of their adventure, with plastic ducks washing up on beaches around the world for many years later – providing scientists with fascinating information about ocean currents.

Their tale was captured in the 2011 book Moby-Duck, and has now been made into a new play for ages 8–12 by Catherine Wheels theatre company. Presented as part of this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival, the show follows two children from different parts of the world, who happen upon the ducks on their local beach and are instantly curious about where they’ve come from. Which is exactly how director Gill Robertson hopes audiences will feel.

‘Kids don’t know a lot about oceanography, and adults don’t either – so everyone’s learning,’ she says. ‘But the science has to exist within a really good story and be told in an interesting way. The Science Festival has been incredibly supportive and told us the show doesn’t have to have loads of science in it, we just need to raise people’s interest – and if they’re curious about it, they’ll go and find things out for themselves.’

Lost at Sea is at Summerhall, 5–7 Apr.