Édgar Ramirez: Point Break crew became brothers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 February 2016
Edgar Ramirez

Édgar Ramirez

Venezuelan star Édgar Ramirez plays a villain in 'Point Break' and says the actors and stuntmen became like "brothers" on the set of the extreme action reboot

Édgar Ramirez says the actors and stuntmen became like "brothers" on the set of 'Point Break'.

The Venezuelan star plays robber Bodhi in the action remake - which was originally made in 1991 and starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves - about a thrill-seeking group of surfers who are under investigation by the FBI.

And Ramirez says the cast - including Luke Bracey, Ray Winstone and Delroy Lindo - formed a bond with the stuntmen, many of whom were athletes and experts in physical fitness, because of the respect they had for their amazing physical abilities.

He said: "When I tell people about it, I get a huge sense of pride and excitement to these guys. They brought so much authenticity to the film and made us all proud ... We all became brothers, among the actors and the athletes. They're all our friends. It's amazing. This world is extreme, but it's not a macho culture."

In the movie, Luke plays former extreme motocross star Johnny Utah who is now an FBI agent and goes undercover as a surfer to investigate Bodhi and his criminal gang.

The movie's director Ericson Core relied on very little CGI to create his action sequences, which meant Ramirez and the other stars were in even more awe of the stuntmen's feats, especially their surfing skills.

Speaking to Empire magazine, he recalled: "These guys put their lives on the line for us to have the most exciting cinematic experience that we have seen in cinema.

"All the stunts, when you see over the shoulder of a guy flying, that was a guy who was next to him because there was another guy with a camera attached to his helmet shooting this guy. And that is something that has never been done before ... We were there and it was very extreme, there was no way for us to even get a taste for what these guys do ... To ride a wave like that, we're talking about a building that is collapsing on you."