Nicolas Cage replaces Samuel L. Jackson in Vengeance: A Love Story

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  • 8 February 2016
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has replaced Samuel L. Jackson in thriller 'Vengeance: A Love Story', in which he will portray a vigilante cop

Nicolas Cage has replaced Samuel L. Jackson in 'Vengeance: A Love Story'.

The 52-year-old star has taken over the role of a vigilante cop from Jackson in the Harold Becker-directed thriller, which is based on a 2003 novel by Joyce Carol Oates titled 'Rape: A Love Story'.

The plot focuses on the aftermath of gang rape and tells the story of single mother Teena who is sexually assaulted by a group of men whilst her young daughter Bethie is forced to watch and then left for dead in a park boathouse.

A court case ensues but Teena's attackers go free thanks to the work of their defence lawyer.

After the men get off, Gulf War veteran-turned-police officer Dromoor - played by Cage - decides to take matters into his own hands and deliver retribution for Teena.

John Mankiewicz has adapted the screenplay and shooting is set to begin in March in Atlanta.

Cage will be seen later this year in World War II film 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage'.

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