Rihanna's junk food tour rider

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 February 2016


Rihanna's tour rider for her forthcoming run of worldwide gigs is full of processed snacks and alcohol

Rihanna's 'ANTI' tour rider is full of calorific treats and alcohol.

The 27-year-old R&B superstar will have an endless supply of Cheetos, processed noodles, vodka, Oreo biscuits and both red and white wine for her forthcoming world tour, which kicks off in San Diego on February 26.

During the 'FourFiveSeconds' hitmaker's interview on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Thursday (04.02.16), Ellen read out the calorific rider.

She listed: "Regular Cheetos, hot Cheetos, Golden Grahams cereal, Oreo's, Cuppa Noodles, red and white wine, vodka, soda and garlic olives."

The US chat show host then asked the singer: "How much do you consume?"

Rihanna replied: "I will definitely take it with me. I just like to be prepared you never know where you are going to be."

The Bajan beauty admitted she has a particular pencahnt for both hot and original variations of cheesy snack Cheetos.

She added: "I don't eat the Oreos that much. I haven't eaten Golden Grahams in about two years. Hot Cheetos definitely happening. Regular Cheetos when I am tired of hot Cheetos. Crunchy ones always."

The star also admitted she would "love" to go on tour with her 'Work' collaborator Drake.

She said: "He's not touring with me. Maybe next time. I'd love to go on tour with Drake that has to happen."

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