Iron Man: Extremis (5 stars)


Warren Ellis & Adi Granov



This is perhaps the classic modern Iron Man tale. Warren Ellis gets his grubby hands on Tony Stark and changes him forever. Here the Golden Avenger takes on bio-chemically altered terrorists, who possess more power than even his advanced armour can handle, leading Tony Stark to make a decision that will reinvent him for the 21st century.

Ellis again explores one of his favourite themes, the evolution of the human form via technology, and of course Iron Man is the perfect character for such a premise. Admittedly it starts slowly but soon explodes into heart pounding action with terrifying implications. Adi Granov draws the whole story with a dark hue and excels in the gritty wide-scale action scenes. A surprisingly powerful take on man’s limits and how far he is willing to go to overcome the odds.

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