Amy Conway tours 30:60:80 in the lead up to International Women's Day

Amy Conway tours 30:60:80 in the lead up to International Women's Day

Three women in a one woman show that speaks to everyone

First presented as part of Arches LIVE, Amy Conway describes her 30:60:80 as 'a gentle show'. In detailing the lives of three women as they approach important birthdays, she says, 'it will be striking in its intimacy and authenticity. The show is autobiographical but there are many universal themes and I think the audience will see their own families in the performance. We had mothers and daughters come up to us afterwards and say, "that's us!".'

With a tour leading up to International Women's Day, Conway identifies her preoccupations. 'I want to make work that gives a voice to the under-represented,' she notes. 'I think their stories are often more interesting than the sensational ones we hear all the time.'

30:60:80 reflects on three generations of women, and how their expectations and achievements have been defined by their eras. But it also has an imaginative technical approach. 'The show's USP is recorded delivery. I listen to an edited recording of my mum, my grandma and my own words through headphones and speak it back to an audience.' Rather than 'acting' her family, Conway channels them through the audio. 'The testimony is unadulterated and uttered in all its imperfect glory, with "ah"s and "ums" and nervous laughter. It's more human that way.'


A theatrical celebration of three women's lives, spanning 50 years.

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