Scottish Dance Theatre present new double bill Process Day and Dreamers

Scottish Dance Theatre present new double bill Process Day and Dreamers

Featuring choreography from Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar and Anton Lachky

Process Day and Dreamers follow Scottish Dance Theatre's reputation for accessible, thrilling contemporary choreography. It's a double bill that, as artistic director Fleur Darkin says, comes from 'choreographers who bring something fresh, a unique style and not necessarily the high leg kicks!'

Process Day is a new piece from Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar which is inspired by club culture, while choreographer Anton Lachky uses improvisation to unleash the dancers' dynamism for Dreamers. With a distinct vision that recognises the power of dance as a unique expression of experience, SDT always seeks new audiences. 'Process Day will appeal to the cool cats,' laughs Darkin. 'The musical is incredible with a nocturnal feel.' Recognising that dance captures the physical experience of daily life, Fleur adds, 'this piece expresses feeling – unconscious and felt – but not talked about.'

As part of the company's 30th anniversary, this double bill presents a snapshot of their interest in the possibilities of contemporary choreography. 'It's just the beginning,' says Darkin. 'This iteration is about the self and others.' Exploring the experience of being alone in the crowd, Process Day is an example of how dance can reach those parts beyond words. 'Dance is powerful,' she concludes. 'There is nothing like it!'

Scottish Dance Theatre - Dreamers & Process Day

Double bill from Scottish Dance Theatre featuring Anton Lachky's Dreamers and Process Day by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. Ages 14+.

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