Also Published - 5 Sports Paperbacks

Barry Davies - Interesting, Very Interesting Over 40 years of broadcast commentating are recalled here by a man who reached the peaks when he went on Big Train to cover the World Stare Out Championships. Headline.

Eddie Jordan – An Independent Man The motor sport guru discusses the drivers whose careers he kept on track and the battles he engineered with Bernie Ecclestone. Orion.

Mark Collings - A Very British Coop Subtitled ‘Pigeon Racing from Blackpool to Sun City’, this oddity features an audacious attempt to drag the ‘sport’ into the 21st century. Pan.

Adrian Chiles - We Don’t Know What We’re Doing The Beeb’s West Brom addict follows his team over the course of a season and questions what it means to be a fan. Sphere.

Monty Panesar - Monty’s Turn For cricket fans, this is the story of the cult hero who has been dubbed the best English bowler in 30 years. Hodder.

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