James Norton slammed with psychotic sex messages

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 February 2016
James Norton

James Norton

James Norton has admitted he was hit with sex messages from women when he played psychopath convict Tommy Lee Royce in 'Happy Valley' in 2014

James Norton was slammed with disturbing sex messages from female fans when he played the rapist in 'Happy Valley'.

The 30-year-old actor has admitted he was deeply concerned when he received countless comments from ladies on Twitter when he was portraying psychopath convict Tommy Lee Royce, who abducts and ties up women, in the drama in 2014 asking him to proactively drag them into his "cellar."

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, he said: "People create their own fantasies around figures like Tommy. I read some case studies and it's very common, this instinct to save these broken souls ... The reason we love 'Happy Valley' is that we are obsessed by the extreme edges of life."

Meanwhile, the hunky actor, who has also made a name for himself playing Prince Andrei Bolkonsky in 'War and Peace', will reprise his role as the convicted drug dealer in series two this month as police sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) continues her obsession with the criminal.

The new series, which is one of the most anticipated of the year, will hit screens next week as former 'Coronation Street' stars Julie Hesmondhalgh and Katherine Kelly join the cast.

'Happy Valley' will return to screens on February 9.

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