Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell to get own spin-off show?

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  • 2 February 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are reportedly set to get their own spin-off show based on their romance following their flirty antics in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are being lined up for their own spin-off show based on their love affair.

Channel 5 bosses are reportedly keen to document the 'Celebrity Big Brother' stars' controversial romance on the outside world and believe setting them up with their own programme would be a "ratings hit" considering the uproar their antics caused in the infamous house last month.

A source explained: "Viewers have been gripped by Stephanie and Jeremy's love story in the house, and will be dying to see how things progress when they're out. Channel 5 bosses think a spin-off, fly-on-the-wall show would make excellent viewing and prove to be a hit."

And producers are even keen to get Stephanie's heartbroken boyfriend Sam Reece, who had to watch his girlfriend flirting up a storm with the model on national television, involved in some of the explosive scenes.

The source told MailOnline: "It remains to be seen what Sam Reece makes of it all, but there's no doubt his reaction to Stephanie's new romance will be interesting."

The Irish hunk, 25, and the axed 'Hollyoaks' actress hit the headlines last month when they became entangled in a love triangle after they shared a passionate smooch.

After two weeks of outrageous flirting and cheeky bedroom antics, Stephanie appeared to dump Sam, whom she has been dating for over a year, on national television.

She said last week: "Obviously Sam's not right for me and I need to sort it when I get out."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty, 22, was left heartbroken last weekend when Jeremy was evicted from the house.

Despite spending three days apart, so far, the pair seem very much "in love" and are determined to give their relationship a proper go once Stephanie leaves the house.

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