Jeremy McConnell apologises to Stephanie Davis' boyfriend

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  • 1 February 2016
Jeremy McConnell

Jeremy McConnell

Jeremy McConnell has tried to reach out to Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece following their romance in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house

Jeremy McConnell has publicly apologised to Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece following their controversial romance in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last month.

The handsome model regrets the way his and Stephanie's raunchy relationship was aired on national television and has reached out to her heartbroken beau to make amends.

Speaking on 'This Morning' today (01.02.16), he said: "I'm sorry to Sam. I'm sorry for how it worked out."

Jeremy, 25, who was eliminated from the show over the weekend, may have been slammed backlash for pursuing Stephanie, but he doesn't regret a single thing and is still keen on dating her when she leaves the abode this week.

He explained: "Outside the house, she ticks every box. But the stuff with her boyfriend needs to be addressed. I meant everything I said about her. I'm not in it for a showmance.

"I saw some stupid stuff that I'm trying to play a game, but I'm not like that at all. I always follow my heart. I never went in there with an agenda or to try and wreck people's lives or anything. I just went with my heart and that's what I felt.

"Obviously the circumstances, I would not like to be in that position. I'd like to think I had a bit of integrity."

Despite clearly being smitten with the axed 'Hollyoaks' star, 22, Jeremy still sees himself as "single" for the time being.

He said: "I'm a single boy. I told Steph I would give her a few weeks to sort things out when she comes out of the house. If she wants to be with me, then I will."

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