Interview: Zoe Lyons – ‘It’s very much a comedy SAS mission’

Interview: Zoe Lyons – ‘It’s very much a comedy SAS mission’

Brighton-based comic offers a pick and mix of stories and gags at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Almost a decade since a debut solo show earned her an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination for Best Newcomer, Zoe Lyons is now very much at ease behind the mic. 'I'm enjoying myself on stage more these days,' explains the Brighton-based comic. 'I think I was very affected by nerves for many years. Most comics get some nerves and that can be a good thing; you need that sort of energy to get up on stage. I think I was somewhat hindered by additional anxieties that didn’t really help me. I've largely shed those anxieties as I've got older, taken them off like a jumper that has been really scratchy and irritating and I'm much happier as a result.'

Having not performed at the Glasgow Comedy Festival for some time, Lyons is performing a show featuring 'an old-fashioned pick and mix of things I've been playing around with on the circuit. Some proper tried and tested material sprinkled with ideas that haven’t quite hit puberty yet.' She sees the GCF as 'very much a comedy SAS mission. You come to Glasgow, do the job and leave, whereas Edinburgh is like being on a month-long stakeout. In that respect GCF is far more fun.'

She vehemently refutes the suggestion that a psychology degree helps her deal with difficult crowds. 'Given the chance again I wouldn’t bother with university; I would have done a plumbing apprentice or carpentry, something actually useful. Neither of those skills would help with awkward audiences but at least I'd be secure in the knowledge that none of my taps drip at home and if I wanted to I could put up a shelf.'

Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human

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The stand-up comic and Mock the Week regular discusses not really knowing what she's doing in life.

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