Darren Day: I was told I had six months to live

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  • 1 February 2016
Darren Day

Darren Day

Darren Day shocked viewers of 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Sunday night (31.01.16) when he told Stephanie Davis he was once told he had six months to live

Darren Day was once told he only had six months to live.

The 47-year-old actor, who has battled with the booze for many years, has revealed doctors warned him in 2001 he'd be dead within half a year if he continued to hit the bottle.

Speaking on 'Celebrity Big Brother' last night (31.01.16), the hunky star warned his housemate Stephanie Davis what could happen if she continued her reckless lifestyle.

He explained: "When I did rehab in 2001 they told me I had six months to live if I carried on taking it in the quantities I was taking it. I came out of rehab and was using within three days and I carried on until the end of 2005.

"Then a few years ago I got told if you drink again it will f***ing kill you and I carried on."

But it wasn't just alcohol which had a hold over Darren, as he was also spending £2,000 a week on cocaine, earnt himself the title of being a love rat and became bankrupt.

Over the past nine years, the hunk has managed to turn his life around and has been clean for almost a decade.

And he isn't the only celebrity in the infamous abode who has beaten his demons as Danniella Westbrook - who lost once her nasal septum due to her cocaine addiction - feels relieved she can show fans the true her.

She told Stephanie: "I feel like my kids have had to fight my corner with everything in the papers, now I feel like I can walk out of here with my head held high.

"They can look at people and say, 'That is my mum. She's not a drug addict or this or that, she is my mum.' This is worth its weight in gold for me, I have proved to everybody, for my kids sake and everything else, that I'm just me and I'm okay. I do mess up sometimes but I'm alright."

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