Olga the Brolga

North Edinburgh Arts Centre, until 16 December


Andy Howitt couldn’t believe his luck when he read Rod Clements’ storybook, Olga The Brolga. Not only did it give the artistic director of YDance a cracking story to adapt, but one of the characters goes to ‘Club Tropicana’. Cue George Michael singing and much silliness taking place on stage.

Little heard of on these shores, but well known in Australia, the brolga is the only bird on earth which dances purely for the love of it. Howitt has taken Clements story, about a brolga desperate to dance but in need of a partner, and turned it into a 50-minute dance show for children aged 3 and over.

Featuring a set which transforms into a colourful paradise, exotic costumes, larger than life props and an original score by Dougie MacLean, the show will continue YDance’s quest to build the dance audience of the future. ‘I want them to think “I never knew dance could be that exciting”,’ says Howitt. ‘You can’t under change kids, they need something that keeps them completely transfixed, and that’s what Olga does.’

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