Ice Cube 'knocked out stuntmen' filming Ride Along 2

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 January 2016
Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Kevin Hart has revealed that his 'Ride Along 2' co-star Ice Cube injured a "couple of stuntmen" while shooting fight scenes for the film

Ice Cube "knocked out a couple of stuntmen" while shooting 'Ride Along 2'.

The 46-year-old rapper-and-actor can currently be seen in the comedy action movie with Kevin Hart, and his co-star has revealed Ice's fight scenes sometimes resulted in actual injuries to the stun guys on set.

During a joint interview for music discovery website SBTV, Kevin said: "He has definitely 100 per cent hurt people shooting this movie. He's knocked out a couple of stunt men from time to time which has been very funny. Not funny on their behalf."

However, Ice was quick to defend himself, adding: "You've gotta choreograph these fight scenes in like a day, so sometimes one might zig when they should have zagged and then they get tagged."

In one scene Kevin - who plays security guard Ben Barber - surprised Ice by unexpectedly wearing a kimono, which left him in hysterics in front of the cameras.

The former N.W.A star said: "Kevin always gonna bring the heat and then if you add something funny like a kimono or a linen suit, that's like given a kid a loaded gun, it's too much to play with ... The last thing you want to do is to give (Kevin) those tools and then restrict them because you're not gonna get the magic out of it."

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