Isy Suttie – The Actual One (3 stars)

Isy Suttie – The Actual One

Comic memoir from the Peep Show star

Reading a book by Isy Suttie is a whole lot similar to seeing her live or watching her on the small screen. There’s nothing wildly original or controversial about the Matlock-born musical comic but it’s impossible not to be drawn into her whimsical spell with the promise of a head-back laugh or two along the way.

And so it is with The Actual One, Suttie’s recollections of that bittersweet moment when you aren’t quite ready to grow up while all around you are taking on adult pursuits such as buying houses and having babies. Those inconsiderate types certainly wreck the buzz that seemed to carry Suttie through her 20s while a litany of poor choices, tough gigs and dating calamities cram the pages.

Suttie rarely comes off too badly (though merrily supping port at New Year while everyone else seems be contracting the norovirus is a definite low point). The unlikely star of this tale appears to be Mrs Suttie, her dear mum, who chirpily goes around trying to sort out her little girl’s life, the peak of her endeavours coming when she works relentlessly on Isy’s internet dating profile. No good can come of that. And hilariously, it most certainly doesn’t.

Out now, published by Orion.

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