James Norton's aunt thinks he looks 'bland'

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  • 29 January 2016
James Norton

James Norton

James Norton's Great Aunt Grania, 91, doesn't think her nephew is good looking and can't understand why he has sex symbols status

James Norton's family doesn't think he's hot off-screen

The 'War and Peace' star's elderly great-aunt Grania can't understand why her great-nephew is seen as a sex symbol on-screen as she thinks he looks really "bland" in real life.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Show', which is set to air on Saturday (30.01.16), he said: "I have this great-aunt, Great Aunt Grania, she's 91 and she sat opposite me at lunch recently and she looked at me in this quizzical puzzled way and went, 'I don't understand how you can look so good on telly because you're so bland in normal life.' "

Since he landed the role of Andrei Bolkonsky in the British-American television serial, which first aired earlier this month, the handsome actor has been given the tagline 'Phwoar and Peace' and says there is a lot of "pressure" that goes with living up to the expectation of being a heartthrob.

Asked what he thinks of the nickname, he said: "Phwoar and Peace, you can't really pay attention to it, I don't think.

"There was a lot of talk before we even did the show about the character being the Russian Darcy and I was like, 'Thanks' to Andrew Davis who described him as that because the pressure is already there."

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