Phillip Schofield smothered in mustard by hypnotised guest

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  • 28 January 2016
Phillip Schofield (c) Instagram

Phillip Schofield (c) Instagram

Filming for 'You're Back in the Room' had to be halted after Phillip Schofield was doused in ketchup and mustard following a fast food challenge

Phillip Schofield was smothered in mustard and squirted with ketchup after filming for his show 'You're Back in the Room' descended into "chaos" and was forced to be halted.

The 53-year-old presenter reportedly stormed off set after hypnotised guests ran riot in the studio and destroyed his £2,000 suit with the highly-pigmented condiments.

A source explained: "When they all rushed over and covered him in sauce he didn't look happy. He told the audience that his suit cost £2,000 and that it was ruined. He said that the ketchup had turned his grey hair pink and he had to give it several washes. He came back wearing a different suit and had to retake several of the links for continuity."

Contestants were sent into a trance-state by hypnotist Keith Barry and made to believe they were in an American diner and that the mustard and ketchup bottles were shampoo.

The guests obediently rubbed the sticky condiments into their hair before launching an attack on Phillip after they were told by Keith that he was responsible for their messy state.

Taking to his Instagram account to show off the state of his luxury suit, Phillip wrote: "I knew a fast food round was a bad idea! This suit will never see a studio again."

Meanwhile, the ITV series, which is in its second series, is set to hit screens in the spring but it's not known if the latest sauce challenge will cause issues for the planned scheduling.

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