Interview: Paul Sinha – ‘I am nothing if not dedicated’

Interview: Paul Sinha – ‘I am nothing if not dedicated’

Quiz-loving stand-up prepares another meticulously planned set at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Paul Sinha is better known these days for wrestling that white suit onto the set of The Chase and being rude to people for half an hour. But out on the comedy circuit, he's always been the stand-up who guarantees an intelligent, incisive and, of course, witty performance. The roundly praised Postcards from the Z List from last year's Fringe was his first solo show in four years. ‘I can't deny that I was nervous,’ admits Sinha. ‘But I had put the usual painstaking hard work in, and I really enjoyed the results.’

Previous shows have focused on being a gay football fan (Liverpool, in case you were wondering), his rampant love for trivia and his seemingly never ending search for love, but Postcards explored how Sinha's life has changed in the last few years. ‘I was looking at the sometimes brutal reality of minor celebrity, the degree to which being in the public eye can be a double-edged sword, as well as an inside peek into my struggles to juggle family and my first proper relationship.’

Has appearing on The Chase sated his appetite for quizzes? Apparently not. ‘I quiz all year. The Chase is just a medium sized part of my quiz life. This year I will be going on a quiz holiday to Rhodes, and taking part in a quiz Olympiad in Athens. I am nothing if not dedicated.’ So remember when you get his autograph, be sure to slip him a few pub quiz questions too.

The Stand, Glasgow, Sat 19 Mar.

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