Soccer mom Kate Hudson

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 April 2008

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is looking forward to becoming a "soccer mom".

The 'Fool's Gold' actress - who has a four-year-old son with ex-husband Chris Robinson - is "excited" about the prospect of being considered a middle-class woman who spends the majority of her time transporting her child to soccer practice and providing snacks for the team.

She said: "I love sports. I even know more about them than my brothers sometimes. I've never been more excited to be a soccer mom. And I will totally be the snack mom - that's going to be the best part!"

Kate - who has been romantically linked to Owen Wilson since her divorce - also said she will always put her son ahead of any relationship she is in.

She added: "Any guy I ever meet is always going to come second to my son. And you get to weed out the boys from the men that way - you definitely know which ones are the boys."

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