Guns 'N Roses reunion will be a 'healing' process

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  • 25 January 2016

Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash

The reunion of the classic line-up Guns 'N Roses - Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan - will be a "healing process" for the trio, ex-bassist Tommy Stinson has claimed

The Guns 'N Roses reunion will be a "healing process" for the band, former bassist Tommy Stinson has claimed.

The musician played with the rock group from 1998 until 2014 when he decided to leave to reunite with his own former band The Replacements.

Stinson has given the reformation of classic line-up members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan his full blessing ahead of their headline slot at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April and thinks the trio will take a lot from their reunion.

In an interview with American radio station The Current, he said: "I think everyone kind of knows where I stand with it all. I left it in a good way. I mean, roughly, I actually had to just start turning down tours because I was unable to tour; I got into a position, personally, where my personal life was going to prevent me from doing it. I don't know, it must have been about five tours that they called me to do, and I just said I can't do 'em. And at that point, they ... I think Axl got to the position where he was, like, 'OK, so what am I going to do now? 'Cause I don't have a band. Blah blah blah.' So I think it worked out.

"I think they'll have fun. It will be a healing thing for them, if it works out good. It will be good for them."

Last week, Guns N' Roses announced two Las Vegas warm-up shows ahead of their headline slot at Coachella at the T-Mobile arena on April 8 and 9. It is the first time the classic line-up of the group will have been together on stage since 1993.

It is still not yet known who will take on drumming duties with former sticksmen Steven Adler - whom played on debut LP 'Appetite For Destruction' - and 'Use Your Illusion' era musician Matt Sorum both expressing an interest in participating in the reunion and being prepared to share duties.

Guns N' Roses are also expected to come to the UK and Europe for a series of shows.

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