Mackenzie Crook: My face suits Fagin or Scrooge role

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  • 23 January 2016
Mackenzie Crook

Mackenzie Crook

'Pirates of The Carribean' star Mackenzie Crook "fully expects" he'll be cast as a Dickens villain because of his "characterful face."

Mackenzie Crook "fully expects" he'll have to play Fagin or Scrooge in the future.

The 'Pirates of The Carribean' star is resigned to the fact that he isn't "classically handsome" and thinks his face is more suitable to portray an unsavoury character from a Charles Dickens novel, such as the leader of a gang of pick-pocketting children in 'Oliver' or the rich old miser who finds redemption in 'A Christmas Carol'.

The 44-year-old actor mused: "I fully expect to do a lot of Dickens in the future. I know that I haven't got a classically handsome face; I've got a characterful face. I'm going to have to play Fagin at some point. Or Scrooge."

Ron Moody famously played Fagin in the 1968 movie adaptation of 'Oliver' - for which he won a Best Actor Golden Globe and Oscar nomination - and was recognisable for his large nose and pointed chin.

But despite predicting his future castings on the basis of his looks, Mackenzie says people are still wrong to assume he is pale and therefore unhealthy.

In an interview with The Times magazine, he commented: "People project paleness onto me. Whenever I read desriptions of myself, it's always about how unhealthy I look or how pasty white I am. I actually tan really easily.

"My metabolism can't keep this up for ever. I'm as skinny as I ever was, but I'm expecting to get really fat any day now."

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