Foxes 'scared' for album release

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 January 2016


Foxes admits she is "scared" about releasing her new album, 'All I Need', because she is incredibly "emotionally attached" to the tracks on the LP

Foxes is "scared" about the release of her new album.

The 'Youth' hitmaker admits she is nervous for her next LP, 'All I Need', to drop as she is "very emotionally attached" to the songs on the album.

She said: "I started writing 'Glorious' when I was 16. It felt like quite a young album. So there has been lots of personal change and growth. With this album, I hid myself away in a studio for a year.

"I'm so ready for it to be out now, though it's also quite scary as it's the most honest writing I've ever done. I'm very emotionally attached to everything on this. It's like a diary that someone has got hold of.

"But at the same time, it was a process I had to go through to help me move on. It was therapeutic. Everyone can relate to their first breakup, we've all been there and it feels like s**t."

And the 26-year-old singer - real name Louisa Rose Allen - admits she struggled to open up and be honest with herself during the songwriting process at first but doesn't want to "dwell" on the past now.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "Writing something that was brutally honest was the only thing I was feeling.

"I had to accept the pain and see it as a chapter in my life. It's been difficult to listen back to some of the songs at times because I don't want to dwell on it either now.

"I even look back and think, 'Oh shut up with the whining.' I've done my ice cream eating and my crying."

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