Chloë Grace Moretz's brother inspired her acting passion

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  • 21 January 2016
Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz

Teenage starlet Chloë Grace Moretz has revealed her brother Trevor - who now works as her acting coach - inspired her to become an actress

Chloë Grace Moretz's brother inspired her to be an actress.

The 18-year-old starlet used to spend a lot of time watching her older sibling Trevor - who is one of four older brothers - rehearse monologues when he was a student at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York when she was a young child.

Moretz would try and mimic what he was doing and eventually that led her to start trying out for roles, and after she had her first major success in the 2005 remake of horror film 'The Amityville Horror' her career took off and she never looked back.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, she said: "I used to hear Trevor rehearsing when I was five years old and I just started memorising his lines. Then I would start repeating them. My family was like, 'OK, you're weird!'

"Then eventually I started auditioning and within six months we moved to LA."

Moretz - whose brother Trevor has worked as her acting coach since 2010 - can next be seen in sci-fi film 'The 5th Wave' star.

The plot focuses on her character Cassie's attempts to save her younger brother as the world comes under attack from aliens and is based on Rick Yancey's young adult novel.

The blonde actress is delighted she is appearing in another movie driven by a female character, just as many of her previous projects have been such as 'Carrie' and the 'Kick-Ass' films were.

She mused: "I did 'Carrie' and then I did 'Clouds of Sils Maria' last year with Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. Movies have become more female-centric and even male directors, producers and studio heads are building movies around us. We still have severe inequality. But maybe we're getting closer, one step at a time."

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