Danny Dyer wants Mick to throw Grant across the bar

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 January 2016
Danny Dyer and his EastEnders castmates

Danny Dyer and his EastEnders castmates

EastEnders' Danny Dyer is hoping his alter-ego Mick Carter becomes friends with Grant Mitchell when he returns but thinks a brawl will break out between them

EastEnders' Danny Dyer wants to see Mick Carter throw bad boy Grant Mitchell across the bar when he returns to Walford.

The 38-year-old actor, who plays the pub landlord in the soap, is hoping his alter-ego develops a friendship with the volatile thug (Ross Kemp) when he trots back onto Albert Square this year, but thinks they will lock horns and a brawl will break out instead.

Speaking backstage at the National Television Awards last night (20.01.16), he told BANG Showbiz: "I'm really excited about Grant's return. Hopefully I'll get to have a tear up with him. If he comes in the pub and starts throwing his weight about then I'll go toe-to-toe with him. But I think it'll be great to see what he brings to the table. I'm not going to nut him.

"I'd like to see him come in and throw his weight around because obviously he hasn't been in Walford for a while. Hopefully we become friends but, if not, then I'll throw him across the bar."

Meanwhile, Danny - who picked up the best serial drama performance at the event - believes he owes so much to the BBC One soap, which also won best drama, because it saved his career.

He explained: "'EastEnders' has been my saviour and I'm forever grateful that they've given me such a beautiful character. I love every second of it. I'm not taking anything for granted."

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