Foxes wants to work with Calvin Harris and Sia

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  • 21 January 2016


Foxes wants to work with Calvin Harris and Sia on feel good dance anthems in the future

Foxes wants to work with Calvin Harris and Sia.

The British singer - who worked with dance producer Zedd on 'Clarity' - wants to make more feel good music and would love to team up with the superstar DJ-and-producer and the 'Elastic Heart' hitmaker.

She revealed: "I did a lot of dance music that year (in 2013) and it'd be nice to go back to that. I really respect Calvin Harris' songwriting and if there's anyone out there writing really good dance music it's him. I'd love to work with Sia as well - that was supposed to happen. In the future that'd be great."

Meanwhile, Foxes has revealed the delay in releasing her second studio LP 'All I Need' is down to her going on tour with Pharrell Williams in 2014.

She explained: "I was in the middle of doing the second album and I got a call. You don't really say no! I took my laptop - most of it did get written while I was on tour with him."

Asked what it was like touring the 'Happy' hitmaker she said he never stops working and was even writing fresh music right before going on stage.

She told NME: "We did quite a lot. At the beginning I was like, "F**k, it's Pharrell. We had lots of catering hangouts. I was really impressed because he was constantly working, constantly making beats. Two seconds before he'd go on stage he'd be writing music. I just think he doesn't really stop."

On the follow-up to her debut album 'Glorious', the 26-year-old singer has teased it has a tracklist of empowering songs.

She previously told BANG Showbiz: "It's empowering and about coming out of something and being stronger, rather than 'I hate him, he's a b*****d.'"

'All I Need' is expected to drop on February 5.

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